Leong Leong

Project Location Year Status Type Size
3.1 Phillip Lim - Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA 2008 Completed Retail 7000 sq. ft.
By introducing a thick curving wall within the existing 5000 s.f. building envelope, one large main space unfolds into four smaller nooks. Mirrors along the walls enhance the spatiality of the store and create visual continuity between adjacent spaces. The curving geometry and thickness of the wall allows for the conventional methods of lighting and display to be rethought through the logic of the niche, while a single, continuous light-diffusing membrane floats above the space, giving a sense of depthlessness.

Like the construction of a garment, the curving wall has an inner lining and outer lining. The various spaces generated by the curving wall are lined with textures to create varying ambient effects.